Replenishing Tips

Replenishing Exercise: Inner Reflections for Fall – Equinox and Beyond

The period around each equinox is a good time to think about balance. It’s a time to relish our busy times balanced with rest so we have energy to move forward into the new season. Thankfully there are bursts of brilliant color as the light lessens. Some people may experience feelings of loss and grief as daylight lessens. If you do, it’s very important to balance that with letting yourself feel enjoyment and gratitude for the bright blooms and tasty, healthy harvest of the plants that you or others have been watering all these months – literally and figuratively. For some it can mean reaping the benefits of that project you’ve been working on manifesting abundance, just as the plants that have been cultivated have come to fruition. It could also be about the inner work of whatever is your personal emotional task showing signs of progress. If this none of these examples are the case for you this Autumn, then this can be the time to actively imagine what you do want to manifest next equinox, but more importantly, to actively appreciate whatever you do have or have brought forth in your life – internally or externally, no matter how big or small.

So take some time now to reflect, reassess where and how you’ve been using and putting your energy. Where and how have you been using your time? The more time you are putting aside presently to do this exercise, the more you can now go into more detail. Ask yourself, “ What do I want to shift and change?” just as the energy of this change-of-season period shifts and changes. Incorporate all your senses – noticing what you see, hear, feel, taste, touch. Remember to appreciate all you already do have to bring to this endeavor. Be sure to include a healthy balance of times of stillness and silence with your times of activity and movement as you prepare for the cozy darkness of winter and the lightness of spring that will follow.

If you want, you can further embellish this exercise by externalizing it onto paper or your computer. You might want to journal what you experience, or create a visual symbol of what you most want to be mindful of. This can be elaborate or just a doodle. You could make a collage of mindfulness. If you are inclined, create a song or a dance. Or a simple movement, posture, or touch. Have a good time doing whatever feels best and makes most sense to you.