How I Work

Deep reflection upon my many years in this field and upon my clients’ experiences helps shape my practice. I blend the insights I have gained with the many disciplines I have studied to develop treatment that is tailor-made to the unique individual(s) sitting before me.

Therapy is an evolving process and the skill of the therapist is to call upon the appropriate treatment, most often in collaboration with the client, at the different stages of the process.

Different people need different types of therapy and even the same person can need different kinds of therapy or counseling at different stages during their therapeutic process and different times of their life.

For example, at one point you may most need brief Problem-solving/Solution-focused Counseling or Coaching, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. At another time, greater exploration of the Family System you came from may be most helpful, while at another stage you’d have need of deeper Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. It is also common to do an inter-weaving of all of the above.

My practice is holistic, multicultural, and focused on helping people foster a caring relationship with themselves and others in an atmosphere of compassion, warmth and humor.