Replenishing Tips

Vernal Equinox Expressive Arts Activity: Preparing Your Soil for New Growth

Here’s a rewarding activity from my group around the time of the vernal equinox. It focuses our attention on the polarities and balances of our lives. Most importantly, it awakens possibilities for new growth. So it’s valuable to do it at any point during spring or summer planting season (Well, I guess that could be during any season here in California where we’re lucky enough to grow gardens all year long!) I call it:

Preparing Your Soil for New Growth

  1. Cut out pictures and words from magazines or draw your own pictures/write your own words that depict/express the “garbage,” or things you’d like to eliminate from your life — inner or outer.
  2. Put them in a box or a bag. This represents your compost bin.
  3. Put this compost container into a bigger bag or box (or any kind of container will do).
  4. Then, again find and cut out words and pictures or do drawings which express things that are good and rich about you which you want to keep and desire to develop further. These, together with your “compost,” form the nutrients which will fertilize your inner soil for new growth.
  5. Lastly, for the outside of your larger box or bag, cut out pictures, words, drawings, of all that you wish to grow, bring to fruition, emotionally and externally in your life.

Put your creation in a prominent place where you can admire it often and reinforce your intention for positive new growth.