Be Your Own Valentine

While holidays are a time to celebrate, they can bring forth sadness because of expectations associated with them. This workshop will address the particular angst connected to Valentine’s Day.

Issues covered include:

  • Grief over loss of romance in your life
  • Loneliness, feeling unwanted, toxic comparison with others
  • Missing departed loved-ones on this first Valentine’s Day without them
  • Long-held grief that has surfaced about past relationships

Goals of workshop include:

  • Participants’ stories and needs are heard and cared about
  • Self-care strategies are developed for being your own best Valentine on this February 14 and beyond

About this workshop

Part of an on-going Holiday Survival series offered by Adele Brookman for over 20 years, the Gratitude in the Face of Grief Workshop stems from her work with loss from the AIDS epidemic, Mother-Loss, Parent-Loss and Sibling-Loss.