Mother’s Day Workshop for Motherless Women

Mother’s Day can be a mournful time for motherless women. Share how this feels for you and create new, more satisfying ways of taking care of yourself on this important day.

Issues covered include:

  • Grief, whether your relationship was close , complicated, or challenging
  • Loneliness, feeling bereft when others celebrate the day with their mothers
  • Missing mother on this first Mother’s Day without her
  • Long-held grief that has surfaced about losing your mother long ago

Goals of workshop include:

  • Participants’ stories and needs are heard and cared about
  • Self-care strategies are developed for future Mother’s Days
  • Remember Mother and yourself in a special way on this significant day

About this workshop and the facilitator:

Part of an on-going ‘Holiday Survival’ series led by Adele Brookman for over 20 years. The workshop series stems from her 30+ years in general private practice with survivors of dysfunctional families, and with people grieving the AIDS and cancer epidemics, Mother-Loss, Father-Loss and Sibling-Loss.