“Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most” – Spring Holidays Workshop

An Expressive Arts Therapy Workshop for Surviving and Thriving Spring Holidays and Springtime itself

While holidays are a time to celebrate, they can bring forth sadness because of expectations associated with them. This workshop will address the particular angst connected to Spring Holidays or even Springtime itself.

“Morning’s kiss wakes trees and flowers,
and to them I’d like to make a toast.
But I walk in the park
just to kill the lonely hours.
Spring can really hang you up the most.”

– as sung by Ella Fitzgerald

Issues covered include:

  • Grief over loss of romance in your life
  • Loneliness, feeling unwanted, toxic comparison with others
  • Missing departed loved-ones on this first Spring Holiday or springtime without them
  • Long-held grief that has surfaced about past relationship

Goals of workshop include:

Participants’ stories and needs are heard and cared about
Self-care strategies are developed for surviving and even thriving this Spring

Creative Arts Activity:

This will be a relaxing afternoon making “Spring Baskets and/or Bonnets” for yourself or loved ones.

About this workshop and the facilitator:

Part of an on-going ‘Holiday Survival’ series led by Adele Brookman for over 20 years. The workshop series stems from her 30+ years in general private practice with survivors of dysfunctional families, and with people grieving the AIDS and cancer epidemics, Mother-Loss, Parent-Loss and Sibling-Loss.