Gratitude Groups – Practice and Application

Feeling the woes of life can come to us so quickly and easily when we have a lull in our busy-ness. It’s almost like a default setting in our minds. Come find your “off ” switch for focusing on all that ails you and find or develop an “on” switch to focus on all the positives that are in you and in your life.

Achieving this takes purposeful practice.

Discover the effect this practice can have on your mind, body and spirit. In a comforting atmosphere with warmth and direction you will participate in guided exercises to refocus your awareness on what you do have to appreciate in yourself, others, and life in general.

Get to experience the difference between how you feel when you’re on negative automatic pilot versus mindful awareness of the positive. Develop a felt-state of gratitude as a place of refuge within. Then learn how to apply that when you need it in your life.

Adele Brookman, LMFT, has led groups and workshops for over 30 years, and also offers individual Gratitude consultation.

Adele Brookman is available to facilitate Gratitude Groups for your Organization, Agency or group.

Please contact me by phone – 415 681-7090 – if you are interested.